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"How To Earn A Lifetime Income
With ​​​​​​​LegacyGold & BullionCoin"

coming soon - to an e-wallet near you

Hi and thank you for your interest in this opportunity. My name is Phil Payton and you'll find my contact details below.

First of all, I'd like to introduce you to the key players

"At last, the oldest and most respected currency in the world has been digitised for the 21st century"

BullionCoin is a new digital currency with unique properties that you'll not find in any other cryptocoin.

It is the only digital currency in the world with intrinsic value and the only digital currency with native, long-term residual income built in to the system.

BullionCoin can only be created by the allocation of real, vaulted bullion. And it always remains fully redeemable back to the original weight of the bullion that created it.  

LegacyGold, through their unique partnership with BullionCoin, offers the only access for ordinary people to the BullionCoin primary market - from as little as just one gram of gold. 

You can sign up with LegacyGold for FREE, no credit card required. This will enable you to check out everything they have to offer and also see their compensation plan in full. 

BullionCoin is minted, not mined out of thin air like Bitcoin and all the other existing cryptocurrencies. The only mining involved with BullionCoin is real people with real machines extracting gold and silver from real mines.

BullionCoin has to be purchased into existence with gold or silver bullion and each coin is linked on a one-to-one basis with the bullion that created it (either 1 gram of gold or 50 grams of silver).  All allocations are fully recorded in the blockchain to ensure that every coin is traceable to the bullion that it represents.

Each time a coin is traded a proportion of the transaction fee is paid to it's originator, for life. If you create a BullionCoin you will own the rights to it's yield in perpetuity.

At any time BullionCoin can be redeemed for it's weight in bullion so the value of a single coin can never fall below the value of the precious metal that supports it. BullionCoin has intrinsic value.

BullionCoin is Digital Gold and it's designed to be traded . . .

There are two markets for BullionCoin

1 - The Primary Market

This is where BullionCoin is created, with the allocation of vaulted bullion. The minimum purchase amount is 10,000 coins (approximately 310,000 GBP / 420,000 USD).

That's out of our league but don't worry - LegacyGold offers a way into the primary market for ordinary folk like you and I - see below.

As I write, many millions of GBP / USD have been pledged by various institutions and hedge funds etc. to enter the primary market because

   a) there's no risk - BullionCoin cannot fall below the value of the metal that it represents

   b) the system will pay a yield for life from the transaction fees - but only to primary market originators.​​​​​​​


2 - The Secondary Market

This is where BullionCoin is designed to be used i.e. traded for goods and services etc. or purchased for cash on an exchange. 

All BullionCoin wallet holders will receive a debit card that can be used anywhere in the world. Merchants will either accept their local currency (and the coins will be converted) or accept BullionCoin direct as the currency gains traction in the marketplace. So now you can spend your gold.

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How it all works

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 Income Stream 1

  1. ​​​​​​​Create BullionCoin in the primary market via LegacyGold and secure your royalty rights to your coins in perpetuity.

  2. Using the BullionCoin Debit Card, spend as you would normally on your regular monthly expenses - i.e. get your money back!

  3. Sit back and enjoy the resulting residual income for life as your coins go into circulation and provide a yield.

just read that once again and let it settle in
you get your money back

We're not talking about investing or taking any risks, we're talking about spending, just like you normally do.

Weekly shopping and groceries, fuel, car servicing, clothes, birthday presents or any other normal spend?  Put it on the debit card. 

Booking a holiday? Put it on the debit card. 

Need a new car? Put it on the debit card.

Any other major expense? Put it on the debit card because each time you spend, you get paid for life!

You can't do this with your national currency, you can't do this with any cryptocurrency but you can do it with BullionCoin - it's digital gold!

click here to download an illustration of the residual income​​​​​​​

 Income Stream 2

  1. Refer other users to BullionCoin

  2. Enjoy lifetime residual income from the transactions through their wallets

This will happen as a matter of course if you decide to build a network with LegacyGold.

And "other users" also includes businesses / merchants. Just imagine the higher turnover of coins through business wallets when BullionCoin goes mainstream as it inevitably will. Remember, no present cryptocurrency has intrinsic value or offers such attractive incentives to trade.

 Income Stream 3

  1. Grow your LegacyGold business through network marketing.
  2. Enjoy the residual income on offer from their compensation plan.

With or without BullionCoin, LegacyGold stands head and shoulders above other home-based opportunities by offering one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the industry. Retail commission is only the first of five different bonuses and commissions that the company offers.

But consider this also: if you have a team beneath you, all buying enough gold to cover their monthly expenses plus extras such as holidays and cars etc., the monetary volume will be HUGE- many times larger than other network marketing ventures like beauty, health or even household utilities. This will create massive commissions through LegacyGold.

You can learn far more about this in the LegacyGold back office. There are no obligations whatsoever, just click the button below and sign up for FREE. 

Current state of play 30 October 2017

BullionCoin is accepting primary market applications from institutional investors, prior to going live. Multi millions have been pledged already.

LegacyGold will very soon be launching a new web site detailing their partnership with BullionCoin. 

The latest presentation video from LegacyGold is awaiting the voice-over and will be published soon.

This is a global opportunity but still waiting for news on USA availability.

"How to earn a lifetime income"

LegacyGold has been supplying gold bullion to customers for many years and they pride themselves on offering highly competitive prices especially on small quantities for ordinary people. 

All gold is supplied either for delivery to your home or held securely in vaults on a fully allocated basis - which means that it is held in your name only.   

The business offers regular retail sales, simple commissions for affiliates and a compensation plan paying down through eight levels for serious business builders.

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